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M.Sc. Big Data Analytics

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Calle Madrid, 126, 28903 Getafe

Our Master in Big Data Analytics from Carlos III University of Madrid is oriented towards the (re)training of professionals with responsibilities related to data analytics, and in particular of those involved with the evaluation of very large volumes of data in their companies.

Particular emphasis will be placed on the use of data storage and processing paradigms such as MapReduce or noSQL and their implementations (Hadoop, Storm, etc.), as well as cloud storing and computing methodologies. The courses will also introduce applications based on analytic languages such as R and Python.

Mathematics for data analysis[s1];
Statistics for data analysis;
Technological fundamentals in the Big Data world;
High-performance computing for big data in companies;
Back-end of Big Data analysis;
Internet contents distribution;
Predictive modeling;
Statistical learning;
Optimization for large-scale data;
Big Data Intelligence: methods and technologies;

Bayesian learning;
Time series analysis and forecasting;
Machine learning;
Business Applications of Big data Analytics;
Web data analytics and usage;
Machine learning;
Information security and technological risk management;
Data Analytics for the Smart Society;
Cloud networking;
Network analysis and data visualization;


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