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M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence

University of Amsterdam
Roetersstraat 11 1018 WB Amsterdam

Artificial Intelligence is a field that develops intelligent algorithms and machines, like self-driving cars, smart cameras, robotic manufacturing, internet searches and product recommendations.

Modern AI often involves self-learning systems that are trained on massive amounts of data (“Big Data”), and/or interacting intelligent agents that perform distributed reasoning and computation. AI connects sensors with algorithms and human-computer interfaces, and extends itself into large networks of devices. AI has found numerous applications in industry, government and society, and is one of the driving forces of today’s economy. Why the UvA? The Master’s programme in Amsterdam has a technical approach towards AI research. It is a joint programme of the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This collaboration guarantees education by world renowned researchers who are experts in their field.

Machine Learning 1;
Computational Intelligence;
Natural Language Processing 1;
Information Retrieval 1;
Knowledge Representation;
Data Mining Techniques;
Knowledge Representation on the Web;
Machine Learning 2;
Natural Language Processing 2;
Unsupervised Language Learning;
Multi-Agent Systems;
Computational Social Choice;
Computer Vision 2;
Project AI;
Applied Language Technology;
Evolutionary Computing;
Probabilistic Robotics;
Computational Semantics and Pragmatics;
Deep Learning;
Information Retrieval 2;
Knowledge Engineering;
Information Visualization;
Seminar Combining Symbolic and Statistical Methods in AI;
Technology for Games;
Game Theory;


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