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M.Sc. Advanced Computing - Machine Learning and Data Mining

University of Bristol
Senate House, Tyndall Ave, Bristol BS8 1TH

The Advanced Computing – Machine Learning and Data Mining programme from University of Bristol is concerned with the automated analysis of large-scale data by computer, in order to extract the useful knowledge hidden in it. Using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence methods, this technology builds computer systems capable of learning from past experience, allowing them to adapt to new tasks, predict future developments, and provide intelligent decision support. Bristol’s recent investment in the BlueCrystal supercomputer – and our Exabyte University research theme – show our commitment to research at the cutting edge in this area.

Introduction to Machine Learning;
Research Skills;
Statistical Pattern Recognition;
Uncertainty Modelling for Intelligent Systems;
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision;
Cloud Computing;
Computational Bioinformatics;
Computational Geonomics and Bioinformatics Algorithms;
Computational Neuroscience;
High Performance Computing;
Image Processing and Computer Vision;
Robotics Systems;
Server Software;
Web Technologies;

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