How to analyse the massive data flow of smart cities so fast that accidents can be prevented in real-time? Making this kind of miracles happen is one of the challenges the CLASS project has been solving during the past couple of years. Now the people behind the solution will explain how the magic is possible with their platform.

In a real smart-city setting of Modena, The CLASS project has been developing a software architecture framework for gathering information gradually from geographically distributed data sources. Their data-analytics workflow aims at building a capability so efficient it can predict situations that need reactions in milliseconds. In practice, this can mean preventing a car and a pedestrian from colliding with the input of traffic cameras.

As the CLASS project is finishing in June, the team will present the software architecture developed during the project at a webinar held on Wednesday, 28th of April, 10:00-11:30(CEST). You don’t want to miss this out!

There is no registration for the event. Use this Zoom link to join!