This spring, the Data Week 2021 will bring together the European Big Data and Data Driven AI research and innovation communities. Following the Big Data Value Summit’s footsteps, we want to host exciting workshops and sessions to put the BDVA/DAIRO, Big Data Value PPP projects and the EUHubs4Data community at the centre of the event. We also very much welcome proposals from the Portuguese ecosystem working on AI and Big Data topics related to the event, as well as collaborating networks and stakeholders.

Serving the European community at large, we want to foster the exchange of experience and fresh ideas. Are you itching to show what you have achieved? Are you interested in discussing common challenges and opportunities with other projects and stakeholders? Send us your workshop or session proposal and claim your place in the spotlight!

The aim of the Data Week 2021 is to bring together the research and innovation community working on Big Data and Data Driven AI, promoting opportunities for this community to grow and strengthening the ties with the Portuguese ecosystem, as the country is taking the EC presidency this semester. This year, workshops and sessions are organised following these tracks:

  • The “European Data Spaces” track will focus on discussing how data spaces are being built in Europe and what is the contribution of the BDVA/DAIRO community and the EUHubs4Data project. This track will cover both horizontal (i.e. linked to technical or cross-cutting data sharing solutions) and vertical aspects (specific to certain application areas such as Smart Manufacturing, Energy, Transportation, etc.).
  • The “Data Value” track will encompass sessions aimed at highlighting Europe’s progress in building a leading data economy based on the valorisation of Big Data and data value chains. It will include sessions on solutions for compliance, privacy preservation, green and responsible data operations, as well as data management.
  • The “Ecosystem” track will involve a series of sessions aimed at bringing the Big Data ecosystem closer to other communities such as the High-Performance Computing community or application-specific communities (e.g. in the areas of Transportation, Environment, Smart Manufacturing, etc.). It will provide an occasion also to discuss collaboration between the different Public Private Partnerships under Horizon Europe.
  • The “Presidency” track will include sessions focusing on the Portuguese presidency priorities and presenting the assets and characteristics of the local ecosystem.

The event is co-organised by DAIRO/BDVA and EUHubs4Data project, in collaboration with key members of the Portuguese R&I ecosystem (DECSIS, and Ubiwhere).




  • Deadline for the proposals: March 19th
  • Workshops selected: April 5th – 9th
  • All workshops are expected to be confirmed, fully described and online by the end of April 2021

If you are interested in sending your proposal, please contact us at

About Data Week


The Data week is a spring gathering of the Big Data and Data Driven AI research community. The event is free of charge, requiring only registration. Registrations will open in March. Read more about Data Week here. Join the event to set the future of European big data!


(Featured photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash)