After the first year of work, the Instituto Auxologico Italiano (AUXO) has hosted the second meeting of the steering committee in Milan.

The consortium is composed by seven partners from the research, medical and industrial sectors: Instituto de Biomecánica (IBV), project coordinator, ATOS, PHILIPS, ELSE, Fundación para la Investigación del Hospital Clínico de la Comunitat Valenciana (Fundación INCLIVA), P&R TEXTEIS and Instituto Auxologico Italiano.

The focus of the meeting was the blockchain architecture and the APIs for sharing 3D data. BODYPASS has decided to combine:

b) PRESTO: Distributed SQL Query Engine
c) API’s designed for sharing 3D body forms with standard 3D templates.

BODYPASS expects to deploy the first version of the architecture and software tools in June 2019.

You can find the first promotional video of BODYPASS on Youtube.