3D personal data is a type of data that contains useful information for product design, online sale services, medical research and patient follow-up.

For this reason, the main objective of BodyPass is to foster exchange, linking and re-use, as well as to integrate 3D data assets. For this, BodyPass has to adapt and create tools that allow a secure exchange of information between data owners, companies and customers.

BodyPass has launched a survey to collect information about 3D data processing necessities in the consumer good sector. All professionals that process or use 3D body shapes are kindly invited to fill out the questionnaire.

The questionnaire will help BodyPass project to define the needs of the end-users of BodyPass results.

Completing the survey will cost approximately 10 minutes. In the end, you can write your email address, and BodyPass will send you the final results of the survey.