Bodypass has reached the project midterm. The consortium has presented the preliminary results during the review to the project officer and the technical reviewers. Currently, the main achievements include:

Data harmonisation: A new protocol based on a common parameterization on a reference3D mesh. The method generates random (on-the-fly) templates in order to protect IP rights of the data nodes

Methods to curate 3D data collected with different technologies: The alpha version of the software for processing the raw data that comes from body scanners and medical scans. Raw scans from different body scanners can be processed: quality, noise, etc. The software also includes an initial catalogue of metrics compatible with the needs of the consumer goods and healthcare sectors.

Data protection: The measures to protect personal data includes

o 3D raw data is processed to obtain synthetic avatars without personal features: face, ears, etc.
o Access to individual data is restricted in hospital.
o Data Nodes deployed at hospitals blocks queries if the software will find a combination with the earlier queries from the same Client which can reveal information about small patient groups or specific patients.

• Services for data analysis that allow:

o Queries to curate and input 3D data
o Queries to retrieval individual and aggregated 3D data.
o Queries to retrieval individual and aggregated measurements.

See the summary of the current results here.