In the second video of the BodyPass project interviews series, we speak with Andrey Golub, co-founder and CEO of ELSE Corp, an Italian start-up that works in the field of design automation, 3D commerce and digital supply for fashion industry. ELSE Corp, together with P&R Têxteis, are designing their pilot cases that will demonstrate how the tools, developed by the project, may enhance the value chain of the consumer goods industry.

ELSE’s role in the BodyPass project is to be a kind of bridge to the fashion retail industry, partner that will verify if and how the developed ecosystem (the APIs of BodyPass) can be available and adapted by retail companies or technology service providers.

In the video, Andrey Golub explains how retailers and manufacturers in virtual retail will benefit from the tools and methods developed by BodyPass, what will be the new value delivered to consumers, and how the data collected from the health sector will contribute to the consumer goods sector.

Learn more through this interview.