The BodyPass project releases a new series of video interviews. In this first video, Dr. Juan Vicente Durà, coordinator of the project and member of the Anthropometry Research Group at the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV), in Spain, explains how BodyPass is dealing with a new type of personal data: the body shapes.

Three-dimensional data are very useful for medical applications but also to buy shoes or garments. For this reason, BodyPass is generating tools for processing big quantities of 3D data and protocols for a secure exchange of data between the medical sector and the consumer goods sector.

The consortium is working now in the integration of the different components. Up to now they have been developed software that processes the 3D data and extracts information from the medical sector and the consumer goods sector, as well as software to aggregate and anonymize data. Moreover, in order to carry out an exchange of data with all the guarantees, they are using blockchain. Learn more about BodyPass’ goals, challenges, and milestones through this interview.

About the BodyPass project

The BodyPass project is an EU-funded initiative under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. BodyPass aims to break barriers between the health sector and the consumer goods sector and eliminate the current data silos. Its main objective is to foster exchange, linking, and re-use, as well as to integrate 3D data assets from the two sectors.

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