Dr. Supriyo Chatterjea, the senior scientist at the Data Science Department at Philips and project leader of the BigMedilytics project, describes in a video interview the main technical and non-technical challenges faced by the project.

BigMedilytics integrates many partners across the healthcare continuum (healthcare providers, technology companies, pharma, insurers, research institutes, and universities) to improve the patients’ lives. In this sense, one of the key challenges of the project is to ensure that the machine learning algorithms developed in the project can be translated into real actionable insights for the healthcare partners, and therefore enhance patient outcomes.

On the other hand, the project needs to develop solutions that can be scaled across Europe dealing with aspects such as privacy, ethics, or business models, with its peculiarities in each country. Learn more about these challenges through the video interview!

About the BigMedilytics project

The BigMedilytics project is one of the largest EU-funded initiatives under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme to transform the region’s healthcare sector through the use of big data. The initiative aims to achieve better patient outcomes in healthcare at a lower cost through the application of big data solutions. Follow BigMedilytics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.