Maritime spaces are an important part of our society and a crucial asset for the EU economy and industry. Seas and oceans have the potential to become the next clean energy source thanks to wave power at the same time they continue providing the space for maritime-related industries to develop. Big Data can help develop sustainable fisheries and exploitation of ocean resources. However, for maritime industries to thrive, safety and security of maritime navigation and transport is a must. Big data can bring a sea change in this domain too! BigDataOcean knows the ropes to develop the largest maritime database as a resource of collaborative, data-driven intelligence. Thus, it will allow data-driven decisions based on diverse data resources, coming from public and private providers and enable new business models that will secure sustainability and transparency in organisations’ operations.

BigDataOcean has been developing the project’s platform, aiming to realise the integrated maritime data value chain of the project. User feedback analysis led to a series of necessary improvements and refinements on both the backend and the frontend services of the platform in order to ensure that the offered functionalities are addressing the stakeholders’ needs.

You can sneak peek an early, development version of the BigDataOcean platform, follow our evaluation guide and give us your feedback through our evaluation survey.

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