The BigDataGrapes project aims to raise the competitiveness of the companies related to the wine and natural cosmetics industries in Europe. The project started in January 2018 and it will last for 36 months.

The main objective is to help companies across the grapevine-powered value chain ride the big data wave, supporting business decisions with real-time and cross-stream analysis of very large, diverse and multimodal data sources. This involves data collections that required in order to support the companies’ operation system in the international markets. The project involves the following types of commercial partners of the European grapevine-powered industries: (1) Wine producers, bottlers and distributors, (2) Producers and packages of food and wine products and (3) Natural cosmetic companies.

To give answers and move forward with our objective, we decided that during the project, we will exploit data generated from four specific pilots. These are the Table and Wine Grapes Pilot (coordinated by Agriculture University of Athens, Greece), the Wine Making Pilot (coordinated by INRA, France), the Farm Management Pilot (coordinated by ABACO, Italy & Geocledian, Germany), and the Natural Cosmetics Pilot (coordinated by APIGEA, Greece).

Table and Wine Grapes Pilot
Throughout the lifecycle of the project, Agricultural University of Athens will continuously collect and monitor sensor, farming and phenological data derived from all test sites located in Greece. Some of the goals to be achieved through this sensor and farming data collection is to denote associations and correlations between precision agriculture information and phenological data and grape and wine chemical analysis.

Wine Making Pilot (INRA)
The INRA’s experimental unit of Pech Rouge (UEPR) is dedicated to research in the fields of viticulture and oenology with an integrated point of view that allows a transversal approach from the vineyard to the packaged final product.

Farm Management Pilot (ABACO & Geocledian)
The ABACO and Geocledian Farm Management Pilot is focused on developing a unique system that satisfies the following needs: (a) Farm Management with all the functionalities to support the farmer in his day by day activities and gather data from the field, (b) Hosting data from different sources with proper tools and functionalities for comparisons and easy data management, (c) Data exchange. A “day by day” data producer, to feed the generated data into the other BigDataGrapes components, and make use of the incoming information from the other BigDataGrapes components, and (d) Data Visualization. The data related to the farmer should be displayed in a way that provides an added value and new insights to the farmer for his activities.

Natural Cosmetics Pilot (APIGEA)
Winemaking produces a lot of by-products that may have a significant biological value if there are adequate data concerning farm management. These data can lead to decisions concerning the processing of by-products in order to produce a high added value of active ingredients for cosmetics and food supplements.

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