The first BDV PPP projects are already three years old. For a lot of us, 2018 was the year of the first concrete achievements within the program but also some stressing time to prepare the reviews. BDVe was then in charge of taking care of 32 projects and lots of activities were achieved in 2018 (as you can see in the timeline) to establish our brand and disseminate our results – the result of all projects. Presence on LinkedIn and Twitter together with #arroba#BDVA_PPP, the newsletter, the BDV PPP site (including the education hub and the innovation market place), the webinar series… all these tools enable you to reach our extended community that count more than 2000 people (after a GDPR reboot!). With the new year, we are welcoming 10 new projects: CloudButton, ELASTIC, EXA MODE, ExtremeEarth, INFORE, SmartDataLake, Data Market Services, MOSAICO, MUSKETEER and Safe-DEED. More than 40 projects are running now under the BDV PPP flag. So what next in your agenda:

• February 27th – Brussels, Belgium We will take the opportunity of the next Activity Group at BDVA – Brussels to meet up with new projects, all projects are welcome to join us to welcome them in our community.

• June 26-28th – Riga, Latvia Building on the success of the first edition in Sofia, we will organize the BDV Meetup in Riga with the great support of our usual Latvian suspect: Tilde.  Activity Groups, Technical and Steering Committees and the BDVA General assembly will be on the program but also a close encounter with the Baltic BDV community and music. We hope to have more than 300 participants and you are welcome to already submit your workshop proposals.

• October 14-16th – Helsinki, Finland As announced in Vienna, VTT will be the local organizer of EBDVF2019 in Helsinki. It is still early to disclose the details but Technical and Steering Committees and the BDVA General assembly will also be on the show, In any case, block your calendar: EBDVF is good for you!

Obviously, if you are also a member of BDVA – and you are – you will have more activity-groups in between as you are busy contributing to the community. Still, I do have one question: did all Big Data Value initiatives migrate to the North? Are they following the data centres trend? Or is it an artefact? Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus we need you to organize the 2020 events! 😉