As you are aware of, the third steering committee took place in Brussels beginning of February. Usually, the third iteration of a committee is the iteration of the comfort zone: everybody knows everybody and no real surprise happens. Someone may even say that the third iteration may become boring…

Boring? Really? Did someone think about that across our distinguished starring committee members? Why not? Because this third iteration is the first of its kind, the onboarding of the new projects doubled the number of attendees – almost 50 persons – and obliged us to move from the BDVA premises to the outskirt of Brussels. Indeed, today the BDV PPP counts 32 running projects against only 15 back in Versailles a few months ago. The first wave is starting to produce results and newcomers can benefit from their know-how. The 32 projects of our PPP represent comprehensively an investment of 185 M€ with more than 400 partners and an estimated workforce of 500-800 persons.

Doubling the number of projects also means that the number for collaboration is growing exponentially. Exchanging best-practices, reusing software, finding synergies across projects or domains is becoming an exciting but difficult challenge. This is exactly the mission of DBVA and BDVe, and it became clear that we need a place to facilitate these exchanges. This is exactly the challenge that the BDVe meet-up event that we will organize mid-May is intended to tackle. We have great expectation that by adding on top of our cathedral (e.g. the Technical and Steering committees) this informal bazaar(*), discussions and new collaborations will emerge and contribute to the impact of our program.

We rely on all of the partners (eg. the BDV PPP projects and BDVA members) to propose their workshop topics and to join us in Sofia, Bulgary!



Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia(SAP, BDVe Project Management)



(*) Some of our young readers may not know the essay by Eric S. Raymond The Cathedral and the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary.