BDVA president Thomas Hahn will be at the opening of the Digital Around the World event organized by the IoT Forum next 20-21 October.

Digital Around the World is a 24 hours non-stop virtual conference that will bring together top-level speakers discussing the latest trends in digital transformation. You can find more information on the event here.

BDVA will drive a session on Artificial Intelligence. The session will also be on the 20th of October but a bit extraordinary time (22:00-23.00 CET). The reason for this timing is that BDVA will look at cooperation with US, among other things, and therefore will play with the North American friendly slot.

The session will be moderated by Nuria De Lama (ATOS), and will include the following speakers:

  • Thomas Hahn (Siemens, BDVA)
  • Cécile Huet (European Commission)
  • Barry O’Sullivan (University College Cork)
  • Hodan Omaar (Center for Data Innovation DC)