BDVe project and BDVA
welcome you to the
the second edition of the
Best Success Story (BSS) contest

A success story is a dissemination tool to publicize the achievement of success by a person or organization. On BDV PPP success stories shown below are made up of a brief file from each PPP project or SME participant. It has been organized in such a way that all the projects and SMEs have the opportunity to address and talk about their experience.

The objective of this activity is to promote and give visibility to the results produced by a PPP project and SME; to present them in a way that could be better understood by a wider audience; and to support in how to present those results in an entertaining, fun and constructive way.

Find below the 21 stories participating in the Best Success Story edition 2020, coming from 9 BDV PPP projects and 6 SMEs.

The winners


Orbem: AI technology meets
animal welfare to sustainably
feed the world


A three-year journey
to insights and investment


The runners up


DMS Accelerator

Scaling up
data-centric startups
in the european market



Towards open and agile
Big Data analytics
in the Financial Sector



Data Economy meets industry 4.0
to create the next generation of Smart Manufacturing


Making transport
smarter in Trento






Enabling 5G in Europe
with Innovation and talent from Portugal

Video category winner

Meet the participants