Program Insights

The  BDV PPP Conference mixing the BDV PPP community with the local innovation ecosystem – will provide a strategic perspective on the future of Big Data and AI landscape in the context of the Digital Europe Programme. This year, a special focus will be give on how Data-Driven AI Innovation can be used to build a sustainable Society. More precisely, the main sessions will be:

Ethics and Privacy: People-centricity for a Sustainable Adoption

The connected society is changing profoundly the interactions between people while companies and nations can use collected information to best understand people needs, moves but also opinions. With a blurred definition of privacy and improved data processing powered by AI, the boundaries between good and bad usage is thinner than ever. While laws and regulations are trying to put user back to control, Ethics appear to be the only remaining wall to protect citizen against abuse of powers and to eventually mitigate risk of low adoption and potential disengagement.

Women in Tech: Women brains to fuel the AI revolution

In 2017, only 12% of authors in the main AI conference were women, while it is believed the risks AI systems will cause harm to certain groups are higher when research teams are homogenous (Anima Anandkumar, California Institute of Technology). On this session, influential women involved in the EU AI community will expose their main contributions, this perspective will be complemented by views on the glass ceiling both in companies and for women entrepreneurs and a debate on how to fight against these biases.

Toward Digital Europe

The framework programme is dead long live the framework programme ! Digital Europe is visible at the Horizon (!) and it is renewing the way we should address the collaboration between industries and research organization and how projects may leverage tools like Digital Innovation Hub. The aims of the session are to provide insights to best-equipped conference participants to write successful proposals with the right partners and mindset.

From City to Countries: Data as a tool for efficiency and sustainability

On this session, we will discuss on public services strategies to collect and to exploit the data with advanced AI-powered tools to react on events and to anticipate society evolution.

Best Sucess Story

Because all your hard work deserves to be known and understood by a large public, we created the Best Success Story contest last year to share your results in the clearest, entertaining and engaging manner. Which project will succeed in Transforming Transport the last year winner and which SME will conquest the first SME award? We will discover it at the end of this session that will feature the best applicants.

Data-driven Art exhibition

If you believe that Data and AI are only for the left hemisphere of your brain, you will pleasantly discover the other beauty of Data during our networking event.