Leave your mark

The 2020 edition of Big Data Value PPP Summit (*) is approaching and YOU have the possibility to leave a mark with your contribution by leading a smashing workshop.

This event is to maximize the interaction among all the projects under the BDV PPP umbrella and to showcase their results. To amplify the knowledge created by all the organizations that are partners of those projects and to make that knowledge available for its growth in the next Framework Programme or to create innovative products or companies..

What’s Important

You have the opportunity to propose a Workshop dedicated to the BDV PPP Community on May 15th (eg. submission type ‘Private’ in the submission form) or on May 14th to promote your results / involve the local communities (eg. submission type ‘Public’ in the submission form)

  • Call for Workshop proposals is officially open and will close on February 29th
  • Show BDV PPP projects results
  • Share experience and knowledge

Submission form available at:

To take into account

Just some indications to take into account and that may be useful to you while drafting your proposal.

  • Duration of 90 minutes
  • Intro + max 5 speakers per session
  • Document your session and publish results
  • Involve participants and create interaction as much as you can
    • World Café / Carousel format
    • Show a demo or present tutorials
    • Use Online polls / tools to stimulate the discussion
    • Always offer Q&A sessions and prefer questions from the participants