Share your Best Success Story!

BDVe project and BDVA welcome you to the second edition of the Best Success Story (BSS) contest. The objective of this activity is threefold: to promote and give visibility to the results produced by your project or company; to present them in a way that could be better understood by a wider audience; and to support you in how to present those results in an entertaining, fun and constructive way.

All stories will be promoted through the BDV PPP channels, finalsits will have the opportunity to present them at this BDV Summit 2020 in Porto, and winners will have a free ticket each for EBDVF2020 and further promotion.

  • All BDV PPP projects and SMEs members of BDVA are entitled to participate in the BSS contest 2020.


  • Each project or company can submit up to 3 success stories, but clearly different from each other.
  • All participants will be invited to attend a webinar about tips and good practices on creating successful live presentations.


  • Finalists will have to appoint a representative to present the story at BDV Porto Summit 2020.
  • A rehearsal session will be scheduled before the BSS ceremony, where each finalist can receive feedback and suggestions for improvements for his or her presentation.


  • All stories will be published in the BDV PPP webpage and promoted in the different BDV PPP channels.

Prizes and Value Proposition

  • All stories will be published in the BDV PPP webpage and promoted on BDV PPP channels.
  • All participants will be invited to participate in a webinar about tips and good practices for storytelling and live presentations.
  • Finalists will be offered a rehearsal session in BDV PPP Summit before the ceremony.
  • Finalists will present their story on stage during the BDV PPP Porto Summit.
  • Winners will have a free ticket for EBDVF2020 in Berlin.
  • Winners will present its story at the EBDVF2020 in Berlin.
  • Winners will be given a relevant position in the promotion on BDV PPP channels, and presented at different BDV PPP events.



5 finalists

1 winner

Best Presentation

1 winner awarded
by attendats

Submission and Evaluation

The success story will be provided in PDF format (max 2 pages). Whenever available, associated media or graphic material should be provided preferably as a link (eg. a video, white board session, cartoon, infographics, presentation).

  • Two categories: BSS from BDV PPP projects, BSS from BDVA SMEs
  • For each category, 5 finalists will be selected by the evaluation committe, and 1 winner will be awarded as the Best Story

The evaluation committee will be composed of selected members from BDVe project, BDVA BoD and BDVA Task forces. The list of members will be published in the BSS contest webpage.

From all finalist presentations on stage at BDV PPP Summit, 1 winner will be awarded by attendants to the event (voting method to be defined) as the Best Presentation

In the evaluation process for the Best Story, the following aspects will be considered:


Art of Tale

Is the story enjoyable to consume? Is the story cool? Would you share in your favorite professional social network? And in your favorite private social network?


Is the story providing clear evidences of its impact? Does the story include quotes of end users? Does the story have real and identifiable testimonials? Is the story credible?


Is the story enabled by BDV technology? Is the BDV PPP value acknowledge? Was the BDV PPP instrumental for the success story?


Is the story written in an adequate language? Is the IPR properly handled? Do the story and collaterals look professional?

To Consider


Usage and Consent

  • The participants agree to give the right to use the material for dissemination or marketing purpose to BDVA and BDVe.
  • The success story should not include confidential information.
  • The participants must own or licensed the material/IPR used in the success story (e.g. image, music) until end 2020. The individuals involved in the success story should provide written consent about the usage of their image

Useful Links and Tips

There are many how-to’s and examples of success stories in the web.
Find below a list of meaningful links:



Several examples: