On May 12th, in the premise of Porto Digital, we will run two Data-driven Innovation Workshops to dedicate some time to refine their data-driven business model in this half day long workshop.The morning we will host mainly the local SMEs while the afternoon will be focusing on BDV PPP community actors. Lunch time will be the chance to exchange between all participants.

DDI Workshop

The Data-driven Innovation (DDI) Workshop is based on the (DDI) Framework addressing the challenges of identifying and exploring data-driven innovation in an efficient manner. It guides entrepreneurs in scoping promising data-driven business opportunities by reflecting the dynamics of supply and demand by investigating the co-evolution and interactions between the scope of the offering (supply) and the context of the market (demand) in systematic manner.

The DDI framework was developed and tested in the context of the Horizon 2020 BDVe project and is backed by empirical data and scientific research encompassing a quantitative and representative study of more than 90 data-driven business opportunities. The results of the research study guided the fine-tuning and updating the DDI framework as well as helped to identify success patterns of successful data-driven innovation.
Currrently the DDI framework is used to run workshops with PPP projects, data-driven start-ups, SMEs and with corporates. It consists of a:

DDI Canvas guiding user in the exploring all relevant dimensions on the supply and demand side of a data-driven innovation in systematic manner as well.

DDI Guiding Questions and methods that support users in exploring each dimension in the required level of detail by investigation the aspects mentioned by guiding questions as well as by applying complementary methods.

In the half-day workshop, business champions, entrepreneurs and interested techies will gain practical experiences of how to use the DDI Framework and Canvas for the continuous analysis of all influencing factors of data-driven business opportunities. The participants of the workshops will get to know a set of methods and tools that will guide them in redefining their own data-driven business opportunity.

Additional Background Information. The DDI Framework is based on a conceptual model in form of an ontology with a set of categories and concepts describing all relevant aspects of data-driven business opportunities. Its categories are divided into supply side and demand side aspects. On the supply side the focus is on the development of new offerings. For a clearly defined value proposition, this includes the identification of and access to required data sources, as well as the analysis of underlying technologies. On the demand side the focus is on the dynamics of the addressed markets and associated ecosystems. The analysis includes the development of a revenue strategy, a way forward of how to harness network effects as well as an understanding of the type of business. As data-driven innovations are never done in isolation, the identification and analysis of potential development partners as well as partners in the ecosystem help to align / balance the supply and demand aspects in a way that its competitive nature will stand out.