AI and Data. Together.


Program Highlights

First Day

The first day of the BDV PPP Summit 2020 will host the BDV PPP Steering Committees, a special edition of the Technical Committee focusing on the follow-up of the Data Platform Workshop and will conclude with the BDVA General Assembly.

Second Day

The second day – BDV PPP Conference mixing the BDV PPP community with the local innovation ecosystem – will provide a strategic perspective on the future of Big Data and AI landscape in the context of the Digital Europe Programme. This year, a special focus will be give on how Data-Driven AI Innovation can be used to build a sustainable society.

Third Day

The last day thematic workshops and activity groups will be held to exchange results and brainstorm about the future. In complement, your project will have the opportunity to participate to the Hack a city challenge from the Start & Scale week.

About the Organizer

This second edition is organized by the BDVA, BDVe project and city of Porto.

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) is an industry-driven international not-for-profit organization with 200 members throughout Europe and a balanced combination of large, small, and medium-sized industries as well as research and user organizations. BDVA is the private counterpart to the EU Commission to implement the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership program. BDVA and the Big Data Value PPP pursue a common shared vision of positioning Europe as the world leader in the creation of Big Data Value.

Effectively combining in a consortium Large Enterprises, SMEs and Academia the Big Data Value eCosystem Project (BDVe) provides coordination and support for the current and future H2020 projects within the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership.

With the city of Porto as local partner, the Big Data Value PPP Summit 2020 will be held from 13 to 15 of May 2020 in the Palácio da Bolsa, a historical neoclassical building from the 19th century. The event will be co-located with the ScaleUp Porto’s Start & Scale Week, a week dedicated to the promotion of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. This edition will focus on data for products and business innovation and competitiveness.

Featured Speakers

Filipe Araújo
Porto’s Vice-Mayor and
City Councillor for Innovation and Environment

Dr Alexander Tettenborn

Kimmo Rossi
Head of Data Research
and Innovation Sector,
Data Policy and Innovation unit EC

Main Venue

Palácio da Bolsa, headquarters and property of Associação Comercial do Porto, is a neoclassical style building, whose construction started on the 6th October 1842, the day where the first stone was put to place, due to the closure of the stock exchange that obliged the Porto traders to discuss their business on open air.

Cultural and conference center, Palácio da Bolsa is a building with unique conditions for the organization of concerts, receptions, congresses and events of the most varied nature.

Please note that specific meetings or workshops will be held close by the Palácio, please check the latest version of the agenda.

Take Part

Call for Workshops

You have the opportunity to propose a Workshop dedicated to the BDV PPP Community on May 15th (eg. submission type ‘Private’ in the submission form) or on May 14th  to promote your results / involve the local communities (eg. submission type ‘Public’ in the submission form). Call for Workshop proposals is officially open and will close on February 29th.

Share your Best Success Story

All your hard work deserves to be celebrated. That’s why the BDVe project and BDVA welcome you to the second annual Best Success Story (BSS) contest this May in Porto. This event is created to encourage BDV PPP projects and SMEs members of BDVA, like you, to share their results in the clearest, entertaining, and engaging manner.