BDVe project, the coordination and support action (CSA) of the Big Data Value PPP had the second review in Luxembourg on February 25th, European Commission premises (Euroforum building).

The consortium had the opportunity to present the achievements, activities, results and objetives accomplished during the second period (M18-M36) of the project.

Special emphasis was given to main assets developed by the project: Marketplace, Landscape, Education Hub, Skills Recognition Programme, … that can be used and adopted by all actors of the PPP, and that will benefit the whole ecosystem. Main events organized by the project (BDV Summit Riga 2019, European Big Data Value Forum 2018 Vienna and 2019 Helsinki) were also highlighted as relevant milestones to promote PPP activity and give vissibility to results.

The project faces now its last stage (M36-M48) where all these activities will be consolidated and last versions and outcomes from PPP actors presented during the last event of the project at the European Big Data Value Forum 2020 in Berlin (3-5 November).

But before, we will have the opportunity to meet again in the beautiful Porto at the Big Data Value Summit 2020 (13-15 May). Save the date, stay tuned and see you there!