We are proud to announce that the DDI (Data-driven Innovation)  Framework is online now. Being part of the dissemination strategy of the BDVe project, the website was launched last week. Part of the online journey is a virtual workspace that enables teams and individuals to collaboratively work together in exploring the various dimension of any data-driven innovation. 

The website was set up in close cooperation with the „Next Society Foundation“ – a non-for-profit organization striving for minimizing the digital divide between those „above“ and „below“ the algorithms. Therefore the alignment between the strategic direction of the DDI Framework – enabling organizations to systematically understand data-driven opportunities and transform those opportunities into sustainable data-driven businesses. 

We would like to invite everyone to take a look at the site, browse through the different topics and of course share some feedback with us in order to continuously improve this online offering. If you are interested to get even more information about the DDI Framework or would like to practically use the approach with all its tried-and-tested tools, please feel free to contact us via the contact sheet on the website. 

Or join our online DDI session at EBDVF 2020 Tuesday 3.11 from 15:30-17:30