Since the BDVe consortium took the decision to utilise an external Advisory Board, it has been a busy time to define its mission and to recruit our advisory board members. We are very proud to be able to introduce the composition of our advisory board and its members, but let’s first introduce its mission.

To reinforce the freedom of speech of the advisory board, it may be interesting to restate by establishing that an advisory board is not a substitute for project boards or project reviewers, and they do not have authority over the governance of the project. Moreover, the role of an advisory board and its members in a CSA project like BDVe should not be restricted to provide expert insights or advice on a predetermined planning. Advisory board members are expected to act as ambassadors and advocates of the initiatives engaged by BDVe and our whole ecosystem.

Their support will aim at:

Providing an overall assessment of the PPP progress (BDVe will coordinate inputs from all the projects of the PPP as well as BDVA activities) as a whole (e.g., coherence, consistency, synergies)
Helping setting up links and connection with relevant initiatives and stakeholders, such as policymakers, governments, international initiatives, etc., to raise the PPP brand and footprint.
Helping PPP activities to scale, acting as a multiplying network

Our duty was to recruit a board that will consist of a maximum of 12 members, representing all the areas of the Big Data value chain, including Academia, Industry, start-ups, among others. The next infographics show how our recruitment tried to reach these goals with a focus on its diversity that will enrich the discussions and advice to better serve BDVe and the PPP projects.


The next action will be to organize a virtual kick-off meeting early September and to have our first advisory board meeting right after the EBDVF forum in Versailles in November.