The short papers (2-3 pages average length. 4 pages max. length) submission deadline for the BDVA Workshop on Software Architecture Challenges in Big Data – SACBD#arroba#ECSA2018 has been extended until June 21st 2018. This is a forum for discussing the different architectural challenges related to big data. Envisaged thematic slots are the following:

  • Software architectures in genuine big data scenarios (big data).
  • Combining big data and IoT and/or exploiting big data with HPC (big data integration with cloud computing / IOT / HPC).
  • Applying machine learning to big data scenarios (big data integration with artificial intelligence).
  • Fostering businesses with big data through cloud and analytics (industrial case studies, demonstrations and applied research experiences reports, visionary papers.

The event is hosted under European Conference on Software Architectures 2018 by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) with David Garlan from Carnegie Mellon University and Grace Lewis from Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, USA, as Program Co-Chair and Industrial Co-Chair, respectively.

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