Data Innovation Spaces are identified by BDVA as a key instrument to foster the Data-Driven Innovation in Europe. They provide innovation and experimentation environments where companies in their respective ecosystems could have their data-driven and AI-related products and solutions piloted, tested, and exploited before going to the market. BDVA launches every year a process to identify and recognize relevant initiatives in Europe that meet specific quality criteria in infrastructures, services, projects, and sectors of application, ecosystem and sustainability (BDVA i-Spaces call for labels).

During this session, we will present the concept of BDVA i-Spaces (as it is reflected in the BDVA SRIA), the process and steps of i-Spaces labeling, the value proposition of being an i-Space and activities and examples of collaboration. The session will also include examples of first-hand experience from three recognized i-Spaces: ITAINNOVA (DIH Aragon), UPM, and Demokritos NCSR (aheed DIH).

More information about BDVA i-Spaces, list of recognized i-Spaces 2019.

Tentative agenda

  • i-Spaces concept (5 min, ITI)
  • i-Spaces labeling process (10 min, ITI)
  • Activities and collaboration (5 min, ITI)
  • First-hand experience, lessons learned, success stories (30 min, ITAINNOVA, Demokritos, UPM)
  • Q&A (10 min)

Who should join

European initiatives on Data-Driven Innovation, Digital Innovation Hubs, SMEs and start-ups, Big Data Value community, an organization interested in Data-Driven Innovation and Experimentation, an organization interested in becoming a BDVA i-Space.


Daniel Alonso (ITI)

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Partnership Driver at Instituto Tecnológico de Informática

Daniel has been the chair of the BDV i-Spaces group during the last two years, guiding the strategy of the group towards a network/federation of i-Spaces. He also leads the dissemination strategy of the BDVA and BDV PPP (through BDVe project), and is part of the BDV PPP Steering Committee. He will coordinate the new project EUHubs4Data aimed at building a European federation of Data-Driven Innovation Hubs (H2020-DT-ICT-05).

Sergío Mayo (ITAINNOVA)

Information Systems Project Manager & Researcher

MSc. Computer Engineering (University of Zaragoza), Master in Organizational Management (University of Zaragoza), Master in Business Intelligence (UOC), and BA. Tourism Management (UNED). Sergio works at ITAINNOVA (Instituto Tecnológico de Aragon) as Project/Program Manager and researcher, now focused on Data related technologies and cooperation for innovation models.

Periklis Terlixidis (Demokritos NCSR)

Executive Officer of Attica Hub for the Economy of Data and Devices (ahedd)

Periklis Terlixidis is a Chemical Engineer (NTU Athens) with post-graduate studies in Macromolecular materials (INSA Lyon). Owner of two international patents for new cushion packaging products of Dow Chemical Company. Having worked in top management positions for international companies such as Dow Chemical, L’Oreal and Hyundai Motors allowed him to offer independent consulting on strategic planning and business development. He has been working for more than 20 years on consulting services, related to Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Business Planning and implementation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applying data-driven decision making. For the last 6 years he has focused on the potential of technology transfer from research to the industry and society in the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Oscar Corcho (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

Full Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM)

Oscar belongs to the Department of Artificial Intelligence at Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Informáticos, and co-leads the Ontology Engineering Group (OEG). Previously, he worked as a Marie Curie research fellow at the University of Manchester and as a research manager at iSOCO. Research activities are focused on the Semantic Web and the Web of Linked Data, Ontological Engineering, and the application of semantic technologies to different domains, such as Semantic e-Science and Open Science. In all of these areas, I combine foundational and applied research.

Dr. Ricardo Simón Carbajo

Head of Innovation & Development

CeADAR – Ireland’s Centre for Applied AI

Ricardo leads the Innovation and Development group in CeADAR, composed of senior data scientists, software engineers and data architects. He focuses on the development of bespoke advanced data analytics and AI solutions for SMEs and MNCs operating in a large range of verticals as well as national and EU funded projects. CeADAR is Ireland’s DIH in AI, the Enterprise Ireland and IDA Technology Centre in AI and European BDVA iSpace.