As customary during the last years, the Big Data Value Association announced during the European Big Data Value Forum 2019, in Helsinki, the name of the European initiatives that have been recognized as new i-Spaces in 2019, and become members of the BDVA i-Spaces group.

In a ceremony presented by Laure Le Bars (SAP, BDVA Vice-president) and Daniel Alonso (ITI, lead of BDVA i-Spaces group), representatives of the new five i-Spaces received the trophy that accredit them as relevant European Hubs for data driven innovation and experimentation. To be recognized as a BDVA i-Space, initiatives have to proof demonstrable value and quality in infrastructures and technologies, provided services, projects and applications, impact to their ecosystems, and a sustainable business strategy.

Attica Hub for the Economy of Data and Devices (coordinated by Demokritos Center), Gemini (coordinated by Sintef), Machine intelligence Garage (coordinated by Digital Catapult), Madrid’s i-Space for Sustainability (coordinated by UPM) and LS3 DIH (coordinated by L3S Research Center and TIB) will join and complement the 10 existing BDVA i-Spaces with new assets, knowledge and experiences, and will contribute to the objective of of fostering data driven innovation in Europe, collaborating to find synergies and building a European network of Big Data DIHs.

Congratulations to the new members, and welcome to the group!!!