The agenda defines the overall goals, main technical and non-technical priorities, and a research and innovation roadmap for the European Public Private Partnership (PPP) on Big Data Value. The SRIA explains the strategic importance of Big Data, describes the data value chain and the central role of ecosystems, details a vision for Big Data Value in Europe in 2020, and sets out the objectives and goals to be accomplished by the PPP within the European research and innovation landscape of Horizon 2020 (H2020) and at both national and regional levels.

Among other important contributions, this new version incorporates information about the recent developments of the European policy and data market, outlines important strategic directions within the BDV PPP that are reflected in the Work Programme 2018-2019, presents the BDV Reference model, introduces new approaches to address the data sharing and trading in the data economy, and provides valuable insights on Big Data Standardisation.

The full document is available here.