The Steering Committee of the BDV PPP met last 8th February, hosted by ATOS Brussels, and with the presence of the European Commission, the PPP projects and the BDVA.

Important focus was given to the presentations of the projects starting in 2018 and present in the meeting (CLASS, BigMedilytics, BOOST 4.0, E2DATA, FABDANGO, EDI, ICARUS, TheyBuyForYou, Cross-CPP, DataBench and I-BiDaaS), where they had the opportunity to pitch about their main guidelines, objectives, strategies, etc … BDVe project presented the main assets the project is providing to the PPP (marketplace, educational hub, Big Data landscape, …), BDVA emphasized the importance of the Monitoring Report for the PPP, and it was reviewed the strategy of communication and marketing of the PPP for the year 2018.

Finally, it was highlighted again the importance of these meetings in order to find synergies between the different projects, strengthen their collaboration and keep coordinated in the different activities.


Picture by on Unsplash