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Who can apply to issue BDV badges?

Any EU, United Kingdom, EFTA/EEA or EU candidate country-based university-level educational institution can apply to issue BDV badges. Applicant programs will most typically be at the master’s level but undergraduate programs can also apply. Approval to issue a badge is given to a particular degree program. Different programs at the same intuition must apply separately.

Can non-EU institutions apply to issue badges?

At the moment, only institutions within the EU, United Kingdom, EFTA/EEA or EU candidate country countries can issue BDV badges.

Do separate programs in multiple degrees (e.g., EIT Digital) need to apply separately?

Yes, as each individual program can evaluate skills in different ways, each program needs to apply separately.

Must all students of an approved badge issuing program be eligible to apply for a badge?

Badges are issued on a student by student basis, thus the required skills for a badge can be acquired in elective courses or in optional activities within a program. However, in this case, only students who successfully acquire the required skills in those courses/activities can be issued a badge. Also, students do not need to be graduates of the programs to earn a badge, they only need to demonstrate mastery of the required skills.

If optional courses/activates are included in the application, they should be listed in the application form according to the instructions provided in the next section.

Can a program charge additional fees to issue badges?

Programs must provide badges to students at no additional cost as part of their standard student fees.

What language must be used in the applications?

Application templates must be submitted in English. When possible, evidence files should also be submitted in English, but when not possible they can be submitted in the program’s native language.

Who can sign the application form?

The legal representative of each program must sign the application form.

What is evidence?

Any evaluated activity which is included in a degree program can be considered to be an evidence. Typical examples include exam questions, laboratory exercises, sections of oral exams, and parts of final projects. Typical evidence files in these cases would include, a copy of the exam’s questions, the instructions, and description of the laboratory’s submitted work, the syllabus of an oral exam and the description of the requirements for the final projects. In case a file includes multiple evidences, please clearly specify which evidence corresponds with each skill and mark it in the corresponding file. Please do not submit examples of student work or any other information considered to be confidential by your institution.

How many hours are considered to be the minimum required to acquire a skill?

There is no simple answer to this question. The decision will be made by each reviewer based not just upon the number of hours which a student dedicates to a skill but also upon the skill itself and the level and quality of the work expected to acquire that skill.

Can the same evidence file be used as evidence for more than one skill?

Yes, different sections of the same evidence file can provide evidence for different skills. In this case, please clearly specify which parts of each evidence file corresponds with each skill.

What information should a program send to evaluate its program?

The application should include the completed Template for Badge Issuing Applications along with the different files containing the evidences for each skill.

If an application is not accepted, is there a minimum wait period before reapplying?

If an application is not accepted the program can reapply in the following call for applications to issue badges.

Can a new program apply to issue badges?

To be eligible to issue badges, a program must have students who have already completed the program’s degree.

Once approved, can a program issue badges to students whose skills were evaluated prior to the approval?

Once approved, a program can issue badges to any student actively studying in their program regardless of when they demonstrated the acquisition of the required skills. Badges cannot be issued to students who completed or abandoned the program prior to the approval.

Is there a limit to the number of badges that a program can issue each year?

There is no limit, however additional fees may be charged by the badge issuing platform when exceeding the platform’s limit.