More than 100 Big Data experts gathered in Madrid to participate in the 3rd TransformingTransport (TT) General Assembly meeting during a three-day event (29-31 January 2018). Counting a little more than a year from its launch, TT made a significant progress towards targets that were set. The huge amount of information being gathered through the project is already yielding positive results, from rapid detection of faults on rail links to improved traffic management of roads and faster turnaround time for airplanes. Each of TT’s seven domains has made advances in using Big Data to improve the efficiency of mobility and logistics processes, and the results that have been achieved so far in 13 Pilots were presented in the meeting.

During the first day, the meeting was hosted by the Spanish Administrator of Railway Infrastructures (ADIF) in the impressive building of the Madrid Railway Museum. After the meeting, the project partners had a possibility to visit the museum as well as the Spanish Railway Control Center. The next two days of the event took place at the INDRA premises.

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