Data is

To extract most of its value the ecosystem needs to be formed by strong partners along the Big Data Value chain.

Effectively combining in a consortium Large Enterprises, SMEs and Academia the Big Data Value eCosystem Project (BDVe) provides coordination and support for the current and future H2020 projects within the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership.


Developing sustainable and responsible data science – A plan for the fut...

The concept of data regulation is an ever-evolving field, in which scholars are continually debating how the law which regulates this use of data can be moved forward in a realistic and progressive manner.

DMS Bootcamp - Scaling your startup to the next level!

On December 2019, seven of the fifty data startups selected to take part in the DMS program where invited to Leipzig for the first DMS Bootcamp. An event organized by our project to conclude these first months full of services.