We are pleased to announce the BDVe webinar series related to Big Data technologies and business insights showing results of EU projects funded under topics related to the Big Data Value PPP. This webinar series aims to offer a shared space for communication and potential engagement for projects and other stakeholders in the big data landscape.


TOREADOR – Designing Big Data pipelines

Ernesto Damiani & Paolo Ceravolo

Tue, 12 FEB 2019

In the Internet of Everything, huge volumes of multimedia data are generated at very high rates by heterogeneous sources in various formats, such as sensors readings, process logs, structured data from RDBMS, etc. The need of the hour is setting up efficient data pipelines that can compute advanced analytics models on data and use results to customize services, predict future needs or detect anomalies. This Webinar explores the TOREADOR conversational, service-based approach to the easy design of efficient and reusable analytics pipelines to be automatically deployed on a variety of cloud-based execution platforms.

Transforming Transport

Tonny Velin (Answare) & Andreas Metzger (Paluno)

Tue, 15 Jan 2019

Learn about how the Transforming Transport Lighthouse Project is helping to transform the Transport and Logistics domains using big data technologies. Lessons learned, pitfalls, innovation potential and business insights.

Ocean Protocol – Why you need to care about
how you share data

Dr Irene López de Vallejo

Tue, 11 Dec 2018

Come and learn about Ocean Protocol, a blockchain powered infrastructure built specifically to enable data sharing. It addresses a lot of the challenging issues surrounding data privacy, trust, security, auditability, and control, which is a key factor hindering data sharing in the private sectors.

QROWD – The Human Factor in Big Data

Elena Simperl

Tue, Nov 6, 2018

The second of the BDVe series of webinars related to Big Data technologies presents the QROWD project. Elena Simperl (University of Southampton) will provide an overview and technical details on how human interaction and crowdsourcing could help in different steps of the data value chain, from data acquisition to data curation and completion, etc. Examples on how to add human in the loop in the domains of Smart Cities and Smart Transportation will be provided.

DataBench – Benchmarking Big Data

Gabriella Cattaneo & Arne Berre

Tue, Oct 9, 2018

This webinar presents the DataBench project. Arne Berre (SINTEF) will explain the efforts to characterise and reuse big data benchmarking frameworks from a technical perspective, and share details of the degree of support that DataBench will provide to other projects and big data practitioners to benchmark big data tools and applications. Gabriella Cattaneo (IDC) will provide ideas on how big data benchmarking could help organizations to get better business insights and take informed decisions.


  • GDPR in brief
  • Data sharing
  • Big data skills and training
  • Big date in bioeconomy