The first Horizon 2020 projects belonging to the PPP have started, tackling different aspects of the Big Data Value Universe:

  • Variety of DATA: How different sources, languages, cultures, could be efficiently integrated across different industry sectors.
  • DATA at LARGE SCALE: Massive piloting in specific sectors in which to demonstrate the benefits of data-driven innovations.
  • PRIVACY of DATA: How to preserve, apply and foster the embracement of privacy regulations around Big Data technologies and the Cloud.
  • RESPONSIBLE USE of DATA: Ensuring integrity and completeness of Data along the value chains.
Variety of Data

Overcoming traditional fragmentation in maritime-related industries by creating a new data-driven value chain which demonstrates and exploits economic, societal and environmental impacts.


Transforming Company Data from different sources and languages into innovative products and services for different customer segments.


A platform to integrate customer insights from different languages and countries along with other indirect data such as weather or events to enrich the shoppers journey.


Delivering a Big Data IaaS platform to support a multilingual, cross-sector value chain on Public Safety and Personal Security.


Integration of Point-of-Interest (POI) Big Data Assets in a scalable and quality-assured way, developing software, models and processes around POI entities, formats and profiles.


Curating the Fashion Data Universe to enhance buyer’s experience and provide retailers with content to build stories around its products.


Building a SME-focused Ecosystem around Big Data by gathering corporations, mentors, expertise, technology and, of course, Data.


Making transport and mobility smarter across European cities, exploiting cross-sectorial Big Data and incorporating the Human Factor.

Data at large scale
TT horz

47 leading transport, logistics and IT actors aiming to show concrete, measurable and verifiable evidences of Big Data Value for mobility and logistics.


DATA BIO is the deployment of a global Big Data Platform benefiting the raw material production from agriculture, forestry and fishery/aquaculture for the bio-economy industry.

Privacy of data
MHMD Myhealth mydata

Developing a true information marketplace which empowers patients as primary owners of their personal data, leveraging its value within a trusted relationship between citizens, hospitals research centres and businesses.


47 leading transport, logistics and IT actors aiming to show concrete, measurable and verifiable evidences of Big Data Value for mobility and logistics.


Development of robust technologies, including a control dashboard to be applied in the acquisition of user consents and workflows of data, addressing the contradiction between Big Data Innovation and privacy-aware Data policies.


Involving the full Big Data value chain and its stakeholders into a common ethical approach to Big Data processing, ultimately enhancing confidence of citizens towards these technologies and markets.

Responsible use of data

Humanities and cultural data are often difficult to digitise and include in the Big Data Value chain. What the risks are of letting them out? Which is the real gap between Big Data and knowledge?