Back in 2014, and following the European Commission Communication on Partnering in Research and Innovation (dated September 21st, 2011), which recognises the importance of Public-Private Partnerships in research and innovation as a powerful mean to strengthen EU competitiveness in key areas of industrial research, the European Union (represented by the Commission) and the Big Data Value Association signed a contractual agreement to set up a Public Private Partnership in the area of Data. This agreement is known as the Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

Among the objectives of the BDV PPP are:

  • Foster European Big Data Technology Leadership, for job creation and posperity.
  • Reinforce Europe’s industrial leadership and ability to compete successfully in the global data value solution market, with the challenging aim to secure a 30% market share by 2020.
  • Enable research and innovation work, especially in which relates to interoperability and standardisation as the basis for creating value around Big Data.
  • Facilitate acceleration of business Ecosystems around Big Data, with a particular focus on SMEs and Start-up’s.
  • Provide and support successful solutions for major societal challenges in Europe, especially in key markets such as health, energy, transport, environment and agriculture.
  • Demonstrate the value of Big Data for business and the public sector, and increase acceptance and involvement for the citizens, transforming them into “prosumers”.
  • Support and reinforce the application of EU Data protection legislation, especially in the fields of Cloud and big Data.